A pinch of humor and a pint of valor makes Better Things TV Show

If you are in the mood for a comedy-drama series, then look no further than Better Things TV Show. Better Things FX initially came to TV screens on the 8th of September 2016 on the FX channel. The series currently has three seasons and 24  Better Things episodes with the third season airing on FX. Pamela Adlon, one of the creators is also the protagonist of this show which is a semi-autobiography of her life.

Better Things TV show

What does the Better Things TV Show encompass for its viewers?

At first glance, you’d think that Better Things TV show is a story about a single mother trying to raise her children while managing her career as an actress. Well, not quite the case. Sam’s the kind of mom who has the same impulse and adrenaline rush of her adolescent daughters. The quote ‘chip of the old block‘ would be the exact opposite in the case of Sam Fox. Better Things FX follows the life of Sam Fox, a single mother who is supposedly trying to council her angry, feisty young teenagers Max and Frankie Fox. Her only respite is her youngest daughter, Duke Fox who is a sweetheart.

The Oliver award winning actress Celia Imrie plays the role of Sam’s grandmother who is on the brink of going senile. Her mental issues go so far as to bring out her racist tendencies when Sam invites her African-American boyfriend over to dinner. Despite all that, she tries to make most of her parenthood by being a responsible single mother. For example, when Max asks her mother if her mother could buy some clean organic pot, Sam goes ‘What?’ She says that it’s completely normal to have those feelings, but that Max should be ashamed of them. Then, she advises Max not to be extremely overt about everything and to hide things from her.

If only Sam’s struggle ends there…

As if all that isn’t arduous enough, none of the men around her seem to cut her some slack. Even the boys that her daughter Max date let them down and Max keeps making poor choices. Sunny is Sam’s best friend who has an ape brained-pot smoking-sloth of a husband.

Though Sam’s life might be chaotic, each encounter makes her realize that family is the one true bond. Better things comically portrays the life of all single hardworking mothers in today’s day and age.

How can one watch the Better Things TV show on FX

Do not miss the third season of the Better Things TV show airing on the FX channel on Roku. You can also watch all of the Better Things episodes on your Roku streaming players. However, before you could do that, you must activate the Better Things FX channel on Roku. Just add FX to your Roku feed, sign in using your provider credentials and get the activation code. Enter this FX activation code on the fxnetworks.com/activate website and refresh the channel on the Roku player.

In what other ways can one stream the Better Things TV show?

You can also watch the Better Things TV show on the FX mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

It is also possible for you to watch the Better Things FX series on the official FX website.

Are you a cord cutter?

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